Tuesday, October 21


“Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, multiplying thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times”. 
Mk 4:8 NIV 

Planet earth has many problems. One of them is that the world’s population is multiplying at hitherto undreamt of speed. This is leading to overcrowding, a shortage of food, shortages of water and migrations by millions who are looking for greener pastures. But the area of land available for cultivation to produce food is the same. And water supplies do not increase – the rain falls as it has always done. The reason for the survival of the human race is that there is earth and it produces crops, sustains animals and grows trees that supply oxygen into the air. 

The parable Jesus told about the sower hinges on this amazing miracle of life - there is good soil. Amongst all the hassles, troubles, problems and conflicts of life on this planet, the grass still grows, the wheat still makes flour, the potatoes grow secretly under the soil, the cattle eat the grass, the birds and bees spread the seeds and pollen and the miracle of life proceeds. Despite so much of the earth’s surface being covered with deserts, wastelands, oceans and mountains - life goes on. And humanity adjusts, works on its problems and moves forward slowly to new situations. So the soil is the element of the planet which is the basic source for human existence. 

Never forget that the God who created this planet also sustains it. The soil - which we sometimes refer to as “dirt” - continues to be the good soil that Jesus referred to so appreciatively. Cherish it. Use it. Beautify it. Develop it and see it as God’s gift to all people everywhere. 

Lord, let earth flourish and bring life to people and glory to you.