Friday, October 24


“The farmer sows the word”.
Mk 4:14 NIV 

Sowing seeds or planting seedlings is a fascinating exercise. You prepare the soil, putting in compost or fertilizer, or both. You clear weeds and stones away. When you have put the seeds in you water the area. The next day you go to see if anything is coming through! You may even have to put up some kind of fencing to protect the potential plants from animals - or insecticide to keep pests away. 

A farmer sows in hope. He relies on nature and can never be certain what will happen between sowing and harvesting. So it is with God. In one way of thinking of God he is “the speaking God”. At creation he spoke and said “Let there be ...” and it was so. His word was powerful. And he kept on speaking - to Abraham, Jacob, Moses and the prophets. When Jesus came God spoke again. This time, “The Word became a human being and, full of grace and truth, lived among us” (Jn 1:14 GNB). After the Holy Spirit had come on the disciples at Pentecost they then went out to speak about God and his word in Christ. All this is in the parable of the farmer and the picture of him going out to sow his seed. God was the farmer. Jesus was also the farmer sowing the seed (which was the word). The disciples themselves will one day become “sowers of the seed” when they go out across the world to tell the story. 

Still the task carries on. Wherever a teacher or preacher speaks of Jesus there the seed is being sown - be it under a tree in a rural setting or in a great auditorium in a city. Be ready to hear and to respond . 

Lord, let your word go out in all the earth.