Friday, April 25


“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me”. 
Matt 28:18 NIV 

We live in a world where various kinds of authority are exercised. A parent exercises authority over a child. A teacher does the same at school. In the military a much stronger authority is used by the officers. A traffic officer has a certain authority to control drivers on the road. Some who exercise it are authoritative kinds of personality. Others are not. 

In one sense Jesus was not an authoritative kind of person. He was kind. He was gentle. He was understanding and sympathetic. But when he was dealing with a person who had an evil spirit he was very authoritative. And he was strong enough to make demands of his disciples. He was Lord of the winds and the waves. Now he was risen from the dead – the new man, the Lord of life and conqueror of death. The authority he now had was given to him from God the Father. He did not work it up. It did not come because people were astounded at his resurrection. His authority was a gift of grace. 

We misunderstand Jesus if we view him just as an extraordinary person, or say, as a prophet with a message like those from the Old Testament. He is God’s gift as Lord today. In our world of human power systems that work in the political, economic and social spheres of human existence we need some ongoing authority that is not pushed about by the changing fortunes of the human situation. Whether the secular powers acknowledge him or not, faith does, and looks beyond the fallible human beings who determine what happens or doesn’t. And Jesus is the Lord. 

Lord, guide all the affairs of this world for good.