Tuesday, September 30


“‘I have chosen you to be with me’, he told them”. 
Mk 3:14 GNB 

Most human beings enjoy the experience of being “together”. So school classes hold reunions thirty, forty and more years after the people have left school. Yarns are told, pictures exchanged and memories recalled. It is, by all accounts, much fun. Just the hours together are cherished. There is a sense of warmth and friendship, of belonging together that pervades any such gathering . 

Jesus said that his purpose in calling his disciples and gathering them together was so that they could be with him. He knew also that they would learn to belong to each other as well. But first they needed time with him. They needed to listen to him as he taught, as he related with people, as he prayed and as he explained to them the true purpose and love of God. He needed to expand their horizons beyond the narrow limits of the Israelite nation in which they had grown up. He also had to prepare them to receive the Holy Spirit, to groom them to handle the requests for healing, and to familiarize themselves with the power of God. They also had to receive grace and understand its central significance in his life and in the lives of the people to whom they would go. He had to prepare them to understand and cope with change - and to initiate it. He also had to train them to be leaders and not just followers. 

Jesus invites you also to be one of his companions. He wants to teach and coach you in prayer, in living the Christian life and in discipleship in all its aspects and with all its ramifications. It means concentrating on him and never-ending worship. 

Lord, let me walk and talk with you always.