Tuesday, July 22


“I, the Lord, was the first to tell Zion the news;
I sent a messenger to Jerusalem to say, ‘Your people are coming! They are coming home!’” 
Isa 41:27 GNB 

To many people the goings-on in the world appear to be just one long mess. Mistakes are made, problems arise, greed, the lust for power and many other motives conspire to create a human shambles that seems to go on from age to age. Some people wonder how the human race ever survives, given its great capacity for self-destruction. 

Yet people who have faith in God go on hoping. That is why they can hope. The ancient Israelite exiles were in a mess. Their world had fallen apart. But they looked to the God who could raise up nations to challenge the status quo and bring about change. And they saw the joyous possibility that God could swing the welfare of the nations and bring about their own release from captivity in Babylon. So Isaiah heard God awakening and preparing for the political circumstances that would return the exiles to their homeland. God even whispered the news in Jerusalem to the few stragglers who had been left behind at the time of the Babylonian conquest. With a God who does things, things can happen! He can bring about a change when things are at their worst. He never exhausts his capacity to come up with new possibilities. 

He is still the same God. He has given the world Jesus Christ as its source of hope and expectation. And Christ co-reigns with the sovereign Lord God. Nations still rise and fall, many of them at God’s behest. Look to him in hope even when you can’t see his actions amidst the mess and mayhem. 

Lord, thank you for the hope your reign of righteousness brings.